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Configurable Dashboards

EIMS has functionality of widgets and filters. Administrators can assign these widgets to different roles. Users can edit their dashbaord and add widgets of their choice to dashboard. Users can use filters to view data according to their requirements in widgets.

User Management

EIMS has complete user management. You can define roles, users, permissions, organization units and languages. You can setup Two way authentication and password complexity policies. Complete audit log, SMS and Email is also available.

Workflow Management

EIMS has complete workflow management. You can define teams, request types, team request mapping, task delegations, task escalations and lots of other configuration for running your business automatically.

Accounts Management

EIMS has complete accounts management. Accounts management is integrated with workflow management, system automatically handles accounts on workflow events. Accounts are completely managed using double entry system. You can define tax templates for automatic tax handling.

Project Management

EIMS has complete project management. You can define milestones, tasks, staff assignment and project workflows. Project management is completely integrated with workflow and accounts management.

Human Resource Management

EIMS has complete functionality of HRM. You can define categories, manage attendance, salaries, loans and taxes.

Event Management

EIMS has complete event management. You can define events for different staff categories. You can define monthly calendars, yearly calendar and manage events in these calendars.

Inventory Management

EIMS provides end-to-end solution for inventory management. You can manage purchasing, sales and warehouses as well.

Educational Institute Management

EIMS provides end-to-end solution for educational institutes. Please see educational institute management feature for more details.

Parking & Transport Management

EIMS provides functionality of parking management. You can assign parking spots to staff and delegate these spots in case of different events. Transport management is also available, you can assign routes and fares as well.

Configurable UI Themes

EIMS is based on world's most trusted UI Metronic theme.

Twelve different metronic templates are integrated in EIMS. Users can switch templates according to their needs.

Mobile Applications

EIMS provides completely integrated Android and IOS mobile applications.

Mobile applications are also completely localized. Users can use mobile application in their native language.

Users can manage their tasks and can view different reports using mobile applications.

Configurable & Comparitive Detail Reporting

EIMS provides complete reporting for every feature. If you are running EIMS at multiple institutes than you can view comparitive reports of your institutes. You can compare the efficiency of the different institutes using these comparitive reports.

EIMS provides functionality of configurable reporting as well. You can define different reports according to your requirements. EIMS has a step by step process for building configurable reports.

Educational Institute Management Features

Campus Management

EIMS provides complete campus management. You can define Batches, Sections, Grades, Classes and Subjects etc. You can assign staff, subjects and other entities to class in a batch. You can perform different process against a batch.

Student Management

EIMS provides complete student management. You can create admission form and rules for roll number generation. Fee, grade and class are configured for students. You can generate different reports and perform student promotions.

Fee Management

EIMS provides end-to-end Fee management solution for students. After configurations system automatically generates and handles fees. Extensive reporting is available for fee management. System provides complete ledger of students and highlights fee defaults against different time periods.

Exam Management

EIMS provides end-to-end Exam management for students. You can configure Report Card components. System automatically generates student report cards Once teaching staff add report card components. You can publish report cards & performance reports to parents on a single click.

Question Paper Management

EIMS provides extensive configuration for question paper generation. Papers can be generated against complete subject and subject chapters. Teacher can define rules and dfficulty levels in question papers.

Lesson Plan Management

EIMS provides complete lesson plan management. Teachers can define lesson plan of their subjects. These lesson can be published to parents on a singe click.

Support Center

Support center is available in EIMS. You can find documentation, frequently asked questions and issues management in support center. If you have any question, issue, feature or enhancement request, you can generate Issue in support center. Our team will provide you immediate help. Along with support center, online and call support is also available 24/7.

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